Study sites





We study sparrows since 1997 at several sites throughout Hungary, ranging from small isolated farms to densely built city center areas. One of our study sites is the National Horserace Ltd.'s Horse Training Center in Dunakeszi (Alag). Dunakeszi is situated 20 km from Budapest, board of the Danube.

Alag is a nice place and an ideal site for studying house sparrows. Sparrows can be easily observed all year round near the barns, which provides the birds with food, and nesting places below the roofs.

Recently, we focused our field investigations on two other sites, one in the Zoo in the city of Veszprem, and the other in a nestbox population at the laboratory of the Centre d'Études Biologiques de Chizé (C.N.R.S), France.


See it for yourself! Virtual tour around Alag, one of our study sites.